Love Me A Little High Tech-House

Love Me A Little High Tech-House
Love Me A Little High Tech-House

After their massive record ‘Keep rockin’, Riggi & Piros set the bar high for their next single release. However, they proved their enormous potential yet again with another top notch, slamming tune, called ‘Love Me A Little’.
With stunning vocals, unreal amounts of energy and a club style that is everyone’s favorite, the sky is the limit! It all began with handshakes and pleasantries in a neon West End bar. I was feigning enthusiasm through a merciless hangover, taking a seat with five others in an empty, air-conditioned room. Our new boss wove between us, delivering a hyperactive presentation on the ins and outs of the role: hours, targets, pay, the usual first-day stuff. “And,” he ends with a handclap, “whoever gets the most people in the club each week – wearing your initialed wristbands – wins a gram of anything they like.”